Social TV

companion application for Arrested Development

SocialTV is a second-screen web app designed to encourage social viewing of the TV series "Arrested Development." In addition to hosting chatrooms, the app challenges viewers to compete against their friends to find recurring jokes and easter eggs present in the show. Viewers can also add user-generated content in the form of "stickers", images of characters and objects from the show. 

User Research

36 respondents, 13-31 years old

94% watch comedies with others

30% watch TV remotely

81% comment and discuss a show while watching

78% joke about a show while watching

78% have watched an AD episode more than once 






• Facebook chat integration
• Spoiler tag functionality 
• Single or multi-user rooms
• Insertable screenshots and videos

Easter Egg Game

• Tap the egg button when you see one
• Point system used to unlock stickers
• Compete with friends to get points
• Chat view updates to reflect point ranking


• Unlock-able drag-and-drop stickers
• Stickers sync with other viewers
• Record video or take screenshots